Lee Songyang Li                                   


                                            Green Elysium

    This exhibition incorporates green and plants as dual themes to unfold interweaving imaginations and narratives. The artist deliberately blurs the boundaries between the ideas of “green” and “plants”, thus presenting a false but true depiction of “artificial and natural”, “reality and camouflage” throughout the work. Green as a colour is far removed from humans, and it is often used for cutting out images in film production. Plants are born of nature instead of humans. It’s not only a significant colour of plants but also imbued with social significance, for instance, they are used in urban greenbelts to protect the environment, in green floors or countertops which are often seen in sports competitions, and in countless metaphors and symbols in paintings and in art history. Artificial greenery, abandoned furniture, art historical images with botanical metaphors, they all have consistent intertextual relationship in terms of concept and composition.



                 © Songyang Li